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Down in the Mouth

Down in the Mouth

Down in the Mouth

And the job is only half finished.
On paper, the worst is over, smaller niche players
are contributing to that.

A new Spanish-language spot shows
a group of men playing dominoes
like leaves on the sea announcing landfall.
Why the yo-yo move? Why,
it is hard to tell where to begin.

At the best, we can scarcely make our faces passable, though
we torture them with a thousand slops and washes,
and even thus we have much ado to get the man to care for us.
What will become of her then that wears a thicket upon her face?
“I will have mine plucked off hair by hair among the Moors,
rather than not free you from yours.”

But have a care another time of sporting with justice;
for you may meet with some in an office, that may chance
to break your head, while you are breaking your jest.

I have told you the truth; which will always prevail
over falsehood, and rise uppermost,
as oil does above water.



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