Search Warrant

Search Warrant

Search Warrant

1. Homegoings
2. This business of getting hit in the head with a lightning bolt
3. One dyed afternoon
4. Cinema mother
5. Throwing bread to ducks
6. Her new breasts
7. Horn, flip of hoof; the operators call them “angels”
8. Plasticity
9. A few things are immediately obvious
10. It is stable at high temperatures
11. His most
——–A. Fantastic
——–B. Wild
——–C. Dazzling
——–D. Brilliant
——–E. Tremendous
——–F. Magnificent
12. It was hardly even a question
13. Making arrangements
14. Numerals
15. Cold legs
16. Evacuation
17. Blueprints
18. The most erotic thing that there is



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2 responses to “Search Warrant

  1. FDM

    Who is this guy? Is he some kind of genius? I really can’t tell. He doesn’t remind me of anyone…

  2. Boss Resurfacing

    Surface conned can
    Loney swig
    Errol can’t sound off on
    can’t sign off

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