The Angel’s Share


There is a dead bird.
It is so weird today.
no one cares.
you don’t care about anything.
who doesn’t care about anything?
I do


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From Alter Ego to Aspartame

From Alter Ego to Aspartame

The decorating voices in my head/Employer kudos/Another suicide.Not just a number.

Fall wishes–the indulgent list.

The hidden boyfriend.

Ecuadorian coup attempt–God knows?


The Daughter Hat/Diary of Ism/Tonsils.

Extraordinary celebrity demands


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Sold You It


Sold You It

unfitted kitchen, abe odd, a ram caught in the thicket,

birds of paradise, 22 beretta

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Down in the Mouth

Down in the Mouth

Down in the Mouth

And the job is only half finished.
On paper, the worst is over, smaller niche players
are contributing to that.

A new Spanish-language spot shows
a group of men playing dominoes
like leaves on the sea announcing landfall.
Why the yo-yo move? Why,
it is hard to tell where to begin.

At the best, we can scarcely make our faces passable, though
we torture them with a thousand slops and washes,
and even thus we have much ado to get the man to care for us.
What will become of her then that wears a thicket upon her face?
“I will have mine plucked off hair by hair among the Moors,
rather than not free you from yours.”

But have a care another time of sporting with justice;
for you may meet with some in an office, that may chance
to break your head, while you are breaking your jest.

I have told you the truth; which will always prevail
over falsehood, and rise uppermost,
as oil does above water.


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Found it just only to find

Found it just only to find

Found it just only to find


What’s the meaning of better?
The better synonym’s what?

What’s the meaning of both?
Both meaning a three people?

What’s the meaning of right?
Right synonym’s what?

Better early than late.
A better position.

I don’t know both those girls.
Both the boys passed the examination.

Call him on the telephone.
He called me from Paris.


Stop bothering me.

Father and dad is the same thing,
a bird has many feathers.

I gathered the students:
Let’s go to the bathroom together.

I’d rather go home.
Are there any other?
Not that one another one.
Mom and mother is the same thing.

I don’t have any money.
I have nothing.

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Theater of Operations

Theater of Operations

Theater of Operations


I. Alan Sidris: Garcia and the Dead. Identification of Zarathustra. ~Pangaea
II. Transubstantiation: Lacanian Paean to Moloch, via Partch. ~Atlantis
III. “My daughter’s wedding…” Waning influence of gesture, hero, invective; but contains
intimations of transcendence. ~Americas

[Helicoidal Confluence]

IV. Stockhausen/Blount, Sirius/Saturn. Shuddering, wincing. Ill luck.
V. Cunningham/Braxton. The whispers.
VI. Djuna Barnes, Bison Dele, Milford Graves.
VII. The secret permeating an epoch; the grimace of lucidity.

[Maltempi Agglomeration]

VIII. She fructifies the perjuries of a memory. Dreams, farmers.
IX. The foyer. The segment. (Two fetishes of the Corn Ring)
X. Her pursuers circle wagons. The public refutation.
XI. Her aversion (Cf. Manual, Ward IV). “Everything’s Canceled. Zero.”

[Capricious Servant]

XII. Ovid Uman; “the Benedicent Affabulation.” Finance and facial paralysis.
XIII. Tarkovsky. He builds things American poets don’t build.

[Limitations Machine]

XIV. Rose like exhalations, “lacking a sense of the ridiculous, a question of training.”
XV. Passage from heresy, Spinoza abetting.
XVI. Wayful overtures toward Meaning, deviations from tangible Quality, and repeated
gestures becoming engraved with news of the perpetual first/last war.

[Unsolicited Prebuttal]

XVII. Ray Davis: Brute luck and a synchrony. Running the risk of hiding what’s essential. L’Inutil Precauzione
XVIII. The thumb of mercy, the sign of revealing, serifs of an unreadable legend. Hissing, emanating. To the last
shot in.
IXX. Dan Reynolds, Don Brown, Tim Bradley: Initiatory journeys. “Radiant nodes and clusters.” She makes friends
– she hasn’t got time.
XX. Pidgin Valence/Harmar’s Humiliation/Ajtys. She opens a weird map.

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Merely the Author Using Handy Language

Merely the Author Using Handy Language

Merely the Author Using Handy Language

We can have no idea how often or on what scale such
names have dropped out of sight.
We should not know it had happened here had not
a few frivolous, intoxicating nullities chanced to
survive and to be reported.
Very likely, page after page, we have not the slightest idea
what was present to the mind of Gardens, the sheer audacity
of whose umbrapoeia holds together impenetrable
remarks about corn-ringed promises which
for all we know may have been
promise-ringed corn
since the syntax permits that understanding,
and may even have come to the American mind from Mexico,
grain-boundary and word-bond.
There is no way to tell.
Sometimes we can tell something.

Athletic wit: the etymology is balbuzie, a stutter in the
lingua franca of paperback antipsychiatry’s
“conditions of possibility” and “resistance to all authoritative readings.”
Gardens wittholds this indiscretion till the penultimate “ward,”
where attention to detail must rhyme it with the daughter’s limping
dance in a passage written (but not published)
two decades prior.

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